Staying safe at Walt Disney World

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Lisa K. Berton

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom
Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom
  • Walt Disney World is approximately 39 square miles. It is a mecca for visitors from who may not be accustomed to our rules of the road. Be extra cautious when changing lanes. Obey speed limits and avoid being pulled over by an Orange County sheriff. Stay out of the new buses only lanes. Turn on the headlights.


  • Keep personal information confidential. Don't speak credit card or social security numbers out loud. Even hotel reservation information can lead to trouble. Use an RFID-blocking wallet to lower the risk of your credit cards being crookedly scanned.


  • Take advantage of handrails and hold on when¬†ascending or descending stairs. Avoid slips and falls by wearing rubber-soled shoes.


  • Stay alert and keep your head up while walking. Look out for parents pushing loaded strollers and motorized scooter operators. Being accidentally bumped by a stroller is painful but a scooter can cause permanent bodily harm.


  • Take it with you if you don't want to lose it. It's hard to imagine but theft happens even at Disney Parks. Don't leave purses or purchases in strollers. Lock up cash, passports, and electronics in hotel room safes. Put luggage in the trunk. If they can see it, they may try to steal it.


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